केन्द्रीय पुस्तकालय, राष्ट्रीय प्रोद्योगिकी संस्थान, हमीरपुर / Central Library @ NIT, Hamirpur

General Library Rules and Regulations

  1. The users shall maintain perfect order and silence in the library and should switch off their Mobiles or keep them on vibration mode.
  2. Making noise, spiting, smoking and to visit the library in intoxicated condition is strictly prohibited in the library.
  3. A reader will be responsible for any damage caused to the library property or reading material. The member has to  replace the damage material/property and also has to pay the penalty imposed in such cases.
  4. Student/members will vacate their seats ten minutes before the close of library.
  5. The Librarian reserve the right to suspend/cancel the membership of any member found misbehaving with the library staff or for any other indecent behaviour. 
  6. The Librarian can recall any book from any member at any time.
  7. No book shall be issued to loan, which Librarian feels is not in a condition to be safely handled by the borrower. 
  8. In case any book become over due for more than one month no further books will be issued unless such book is returned. 
  9. The members should return library books on or before the due date failing which over due charges of Rs. 1.00 per document per day will be charged from the student members.
  10. On late return of the restricted reading material issued for overnight, the fine of Rs. 1.00 per hour per volume and maximum up to Rs. 5.00 per volume per day will be charge.
  11. The library will not be responsible for member’s personal belonging/property lost in the library. 
  12. The library rules may be altered or amended or new rules may be added to the existing one from time to time without any notice to the members.
  13. The entry in the library will be allowed with library card only.

Loss of Book

In case of damage or loss of books, the member shall be required to replace the book of same edition/latest edition with incidental charges of Rs. 50/- or pay the replacement cost which will be double the price as in accession register or actual current price (if in print) which ever is more along with the incidental charges of Rs.50/-.

Loss of Identity Card

The members shall be responsible for the misuse of lost Identity Card if library suffers any loss. The duplicate Identity Card will be issued on payment of Rs 500/- and it will be prepared after 15 days from the date of reporting of the same.

Central Library @ NIT, Hamirpur