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# Title Category Publisher
1.8085 Microprocessor and Applications, 4e by Nagoor Kanie-BooksCBS
2.A Competitive Approach to LINEAR ALGEBRA by SK Pundire-BooksCBS
3.A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Energy Systems by Letcher, Trevore-BooksElsevier
4.A Course in Abstract Algebra by Khanna V K & Bhambri S K e-BooksS Chand
5.A Textbook of Engineering Chemistry by Dara S S & Umare S S e-BooksS Chand
6.A Textbook of Engineering Drawing (In First Angle Projection) by Dhawan R K e-BooksS Chand
7.A Textbook of Machine Drawing (In First Angle Projection) by Dhawan R K e-BooksS Chand
8.A Workbook of Ethical Case Scenarios in Applied Behavior Analysis,2e by Darren Sushe-BooksElsevier
9.Acoustic Design by Templeton, Duncane-BooksElsevier
10.Adolescent Addiction: Epidemiology, Assessment, and Treatment, 2ed by Essau, Ceciliae-BooksElsevier
11.Advanced Building Envelope Components by Stazi, Francescae-BooksElsevier
12.Advanced Control Theory by A. Nagoor Kanie-BooksCBS
13.Advanced Differential Equations by Raisinghania M De-BooksS Chand
14.Advanced Reactor Modeling with MATLAB: Case Studies with Solved Examples by Tesser, Riccardo/ Russo, Vincenzoe-Booksdegruyter
15.Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design, 2nd ed. by Varghesee-BooksPHI
16.Advances in Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling by Pacheco-Torgal, Fernandoe-BooksElsevier
17.Air Conditioning Procedures Installation by Lang Paule-BooksCBS
18.Air Pollution by Doren/Bhatia SCe-BooksCBS
19.Airport Engineering: Planning & Design by Saxena S. C.e-BooksCBS
20.All About Water by Gokhalee-BooksCBS
21.An Introduction to Database Systems, 8e by Date / Kannane-BooksPearson
22.An Introduction to Nanomaterials and Nanoscience by Asim K Das, Mahua Dase-BooksCBS
23.Analysis and Design Principles of MEMS Devices by Minhang Baoe-BooksElsevier
24.Ancient Indian Architecture by S Maheshwari, R Garge-BooksCBS
25.Application of Smart Grid Technologies by Lamont, Lisae-BooksElsevier
26.Applications of Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Theories in Healthcare and Biomedical Engineering by Ozsahin, Ilkere-BooksElsevier
27.Applied Macroeconomics for Public Policy by Yanushevsky, Rafaele-BooksElsevier
28.Applied Tribology: Bearing Design and Lubrication by M.M. Khonsari and E.R. Boosere-BooksWiley
29.Architectural Acoustics by Long, Marshalle-BooksElsevier
30.ArchitecturalStyles by Polley,Robbie /Fletcher,Margarete-Booksdegruyter
31.Architecture ResearchBuilding by Knippers,Jan /Menges,Achime-Booksdegruyter
32.Architecture, Design, Data by Bernstein,Phillipe-Booksdegruyter
33.Architecture, FuturabilityandtheUntimely by Mayrhofer-Hufnagl,Ingride-Booksdegruyter
34.Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Environmental Sensing by Mohsen Asadniae-BooksElsevier
35.Artificial Intelligence: A Guide to Intelligent Systems by Negnevitskye-BooksPearson
36.Artificial Intelligence: A New Synthesis by Nils Nilssone-BooksElsevier
37.Artificial Neural Networks for Renewable Energy Systems and Real-World Applications by Elsheikh, Ammare-BooksElsevier
38.ArtificialIntelligenceandArchitecture by Chaillou,Stanislase-Booksdegruyter
39.AtlasofDigital architecture, by Hirschberg,Urs /Hovestadt,Ludgere-Booksdegruyter
40.Automation, Production Systems, and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing by Groovere-BooksPearson
41.Basic Electrical Engg. & Electronics by Sharma D.K.e-BooksCBS
42.Basic Electrical Engineering by Sadhue-BooksCBS
43.Basics of Structural Dynamics and Aseismic Design by Damodarasamy and Kavithae-BooksPHI
44.BasicsDesignandLiving by Krebs,Jane-Booksdegruyter
45.BasicsDesignIdeas by Bielefeld,Bert / Elkhouli,SebastianBielefeld,Berte-Booksdegruyter
46.BasicsRoofConstruction by Siegemund,Ann-ChristinBielefeld,Berte-Booksdegruyter
47.BasicsSpatialDesign by Exner,UlrichBielefeld,Berte-Booksdegruyter
48.Big Data and Smart Service Systems by Liu, Xiweie-BooksElsevier
49.Big Data by Buyya, Rajkumare-BooksElsevier
50.Biochemical Engineering by Baileye-BooksCBS
51.Biofuels by Pandey, Ashoke-BooksElsevier
52.Biological Chirality by Palyi, Gyulae-BooksElsevier
53.BiomimeticsforArchitecture by Knippers,Jan /Schmid,Ulriche-Booksdegruyter
54.Bioprocess Engineering by Liu, Shijiee-BooksElsevier
55.BlueArchitecture by Muller,Brooke-Booksdegruyter
56.Buddhist and Hindu Architecture in india by Satish Grovere-BooksCBS
57.Building Automation and Digital Technologies by Shahryar Habibie-BooksElsevier
58.Building Communities by Garofalo, Denisee-BooksElsevier
59.Building Construction by Bhavikatti S S e-BooksS Chand
60.Building Construction Details Practrical Drawings by Banze-BooksCBS
61.Building Construction Drafting & Design by Molnar P.E.e-BooksCBS
62.Building Materials by Bhavikatti S S e-BooksS Chand
63.Building Materials by Varghesee-BooksPHI
64.Building Materials in Civil Engineering by Zhang, H,e-BooksElsevier
65.Building Physics: Lighting by Stevens, W. R.e-BooksElsevier
66.Building Repair and Maintenance Management by P.S. Gahlot, Sanjay Sharmae-BooksCBS
67.Building the Agile Enterprise by Cummins, Frede-BooksElsevier
68.Building the Ecological City by White, R Re-BooksElsevier
69.Building Wireless Sensor Networks by Femmam, Smaine-BooksElsevier
70.Business Analytics, Global Edition by Evanse-BooksPearson
71.Business Intelligence Strategy and Big Data Analytics by Author, Authore-BooksElsevier
72.Business Legislation for Management by Kuchhal M C & Kuchhal Vivek e-BooksS Chand
73.C++ Programming Language, The by Stroustrupe-BooksPearson
74.Calculus & Its Applications, Global Edition by Goldstein, Larry J.; Schneider, David I.; Lay, David C.; Asmar, Nakhle H.e-BooksPearson
75.Changing the Indian Economy by Kanungo, Rama Prasade-BooksElsevier
76.Characterization of Materials by P.K. Mitrae-BooksPHI
77.Chemical and Process Plant Commissioning Handbook by Killcross, Martine-BooksElsevier
78.Chemical Engineering Design by Sinnott, R Ke-BooksElsevier
79.Chemical Engineering: Particle Technology and Separation Processes, Volume 2 by J.F. Richardson, J.H. Harker and J.R. Backhurste-BooksElsevier
80.Chemistry of Nanomaterials by Awan, Tahire-BooksElsevier
81.Chemistry of Natural Products, Vol. 1 by Kar Ashutoshe-BooksCBS
82.Chemistry of Natural Products, Vol. 2 by Kar Ashutoshe-BooksCBS
83.Chemistry of Natural Products, Vol. 3 by Kar Ashutoshe-BooksCBS
84.Classical Mechanics, 3e by Goldsteine-BooksPearson
85.Cloud Computing by Marinescu, Dane-BooksElsevier
86.Coastal Risk Management in a Changing Climate by Zanuttigh, Barbarae-BooksElsevier
87.Cognitive Approach to Natural Language Processing by Sharp, Bernadettee-BooksElsevier
88.Compiler Construction, 1e by Sunithae-BooksPearson
89.Compiler Design Using FLEX and YACC by Dase-BooksPHI
90.Compilers Principles, Techniques, and Tools, 2e by Ahoe-BooksPearson
91.Complex Analysis by Roopkumare-BooksPearson
92.Computational Thermodynamics of Materials by Zi-Kui Liu, Yi Wange-BooksCambridge University Press
93.Computer Based Numerical and Statistical Techniques by K. Kumar, R. Kumare-BooksCBS
94.Computer Networks 5/e by Tanenbaume-BooksPearson
95.Concepts of Database Management System by Naike-BooksPearson
96.Concepts of Distributed System by Manish Varshney, Shanoo Agarwale-BooksCBS
97.Concrete Technology Theory and Practice by Shetty M S & Jain A K e-BooksS Chand
98.Consciousness and the Unconscious by Jung, C. G.Falzeder, Ernste-Booksdegruyter
99.Construction 4.0: Advanced Technology, Tools and Materials for the Digital Transformation of the Construction Industry by Marco Casinie-BooksElsevier
100.Construction and Project Management by KG Krishnamurthy, SV Ravindrae-BooksCBS
101.Construction Project Management, Theory and Practices, 2/e by Jhae-BooksPearson
102.Consumer Behaviour by Schiffmane-BooksPearson
103.Consumer Behaviour: Insights from Indian Market by Majumdare-BooksPHI
104.Control System Enginnering by A. Nagoor Kanie-BooksCBS
105.CONTROL SYSTEMS by Prof V Krishnamurthye-BooksCBS
106.Cost-Effective Energy Efficient Building Retrofitting by Pacheco-Torgal, Fernandoe-BooksElsevier
107.Coulson and Richardson's Chemical Engineering: Chemical Engineering Design, Volume 6 by R.K. Sinnotte-BooksElsevier
108.Coulson and Richardsons Chemical Engineeringe-BooksElsevier
109.Cryptography and Network Security, 7/e by Stallingse-BooksPearson
110.Data and Computer Communications by Stallingse-BooksPearson
111.Data Mapping for Data Warehouse Design by Shahbaz, Qamare-BooksElsevier
112.Data Mining by Ian Wittene-BooksElsevier
113.Data Structures Using C, 1/e by TENENBAUMe-BooksPearson
114.Data Structures, Algorithms and Applications in C++ by S. VAIDYANATHANe-BooksCBS
115.Deep Learning for Medical Image Analysis by Zhou, KevinZhou, Kevine-BooksElsevier
116.Design and Analysis of Algorithm by Anam Faruqie-BooksCBS
117.Design and Analysis of Experiments by Panneerselvame-BooksPHI
118.Design Data Handbook for Mechanical Engineers by K. Mahadevan, K. Balaveera Reddye-BooksCBS
119.Design of Machine Elements I DME by K. Raghavendrae-BooksCBS
120.Design of Machine Elements II (DME II) by K Raghavendrae-BooksCBS
121.Design of Machine Tools, 6e by Basue-BooksCBS
122.Design of Steel Structures by Sairame-BooksPearson
123.DesignasResearch by Joost,Gesche /Bredies,Katharinae-Booksdegruyter
124.Designing Sustainable Cities by Stocker,Karl /Be-Booksdegruyter
125.DesigningEmotion by Roth,Mareike /Saiz,Olivere-Booksdegruyter
126.DesigningProcesses by Bergmann,Christiane-Booksdegruyter
127.Detailing for Acoustics by Lord, Petere-BooksElsevier
128.Digital Image Processing , 4e by Gonzaleze-BooksPearson
129.Digital Signal Processing by Nagoor Kanie-BooksCBS
130.Digital Signal Processing, 4e by Proakise-BooksPearson
131.Distributed Systems by Perrin, Matthieue-BooksElsevier
132.Distributed Systems: Concepts & Design by Coulourise-BooksPearson
133.DrawntoDesign by Jenkins,Erice-Booksdegruyter
134.Dynamics of Structures with MATLABe-BooksPearson
135.Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures by Agarwal and Shrikhandee-BooksPHI
136.Eco-Efficient Construction And Building Materials by Pacheco-Torgal,e-BooksElsevier
137.Eco-efficient Materials for Reducing Cooling Needs in Buildings and Construction by Pacheco-Torgal, Fernandoe-BooksElsevier
138.Eco-efficient Rendering Mortars: Use of Recycled Materials by Catarina Farinhae-BooksElsevier
139.Eco-friendly Functional Polymers: An Approach from Application-Targeted Green Chemistry by Manuel Palenciae-BooksElsevier
140.Ecologies ofArchitecture by Radman,Andreje-Booksdegruyter
141.Ecology by PN Michaele-BooksCBS
142.Economics for Managers, Global Edition by Farnhame-BooksPearson
143.Electric Circuits & Networks by Suresh Kumare-BooksPearson
144.Electric Circuits and Network Analysis by RM Chandrashekharaiahe-BooksCBS
145.Electrical Machines & Transformers by SK Prasade-BooksCBS
146.Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory, 11e by Boylestade-BooksPearson
147.Electronic Thin-Film Reliability by King-Ning Tue-BooksCambridge University Press
148.Elements of Geological Maps by S.K. Chadhae-BooksCBS
149.Elements of Information Theory by T.M. Cover and J.A. Thomase-BooksWiley
150.Embedded Systems Architecture by Noergaard, Tammye-BooksElsevier
151.Emerging Civic Urbanisms in Asia by Hou,Jeffrey, /KRIZNIK,, Blaz / Cho,ImSike-Booksdegruyter
152.Energy Conservation in Buildings by Sayigh, A. A. M.e-BooksElsevier
153.Energy Conservation in the Design of Multi-Storey Buildings by Cowan, Henry J.e-BooksElsevier
154.Energy Efficiency by Martinez, Daniele-BooksElsevier
155.Energy for Sustainable Development by Hasanuzzaman, MD.e-BooksElsevier
156.Energy Storage in Energy Markets: Uncertainties, Modelling, Analysis and Optimization by Behnam Mohammadi-Ivatlooe-BooksElsevier
157.Energy Sustainability by Dincer, Ibrahime-BooksElsevier
158.Engineering Chemistry by Krishnamurthy, Vallinayagam and Madhavane-BooksPHI
159.Engineering Electromagnetics and Waves, Global Edition by Inan;Inan;Saide-BooksPearson
160.Engineering Hydrology by Goyale-BooksPHI
161.Engineering Mathematics : Volume I by Srivastava and Srivastavae-BooksPHI
162.Engineering Mathematics : Volume II by Srivastava and Srivastavae-BooksPHI
163.Engineering Mathematics : Volume III by Srivastava and Srivastavae-BooksPHI
164.Engineering Optimization, Methods and Applications by A. Ravindran, K.M. Ragsdell, and G.V. Reklaitise-BooksWiley
165.Engineering Physical Metallurgy by Lakhtin Y.e-BooksCBS
166.Environmental Education and Disaster Management:Common to All Engineering and Non-Engineering Disciplines by VD Sharma, SK Pandey, VK Sharmae-BooksCBS
167.Environmental Pollution Compliance by Sharma H.C.e-BooksCBS
168.Environmental Pollution: Principles, Analysis & Control by Narayanane-BooksCBS
169.Exergy: Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, 3ed by Dincer, Ibrahime-BooksElsevier
170.Facade engineering: Technology, Innovation and Research Trajectories by Eugenia Gasparrie-BooksElsevier
171.Federal Cloud Computing by Metheny, Matthewe-BooksElsevier
172.Financial Management by Bhalla V K e-BooksS Chand
173.Finite Element Methods: Basic Concepts and Applications by Alavalae-BooksPHI
174.Fluid Mechanics with Laboratory Manual, 2nd ed. by Majumdare-BooksPHI
175.Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Machines and Hydraulics, (With 500 Solved Problems) by VP Gupta, Alam Singh, Manish Guptae-BooksCBS
176.Formal Languages and Automata Theory by K. Anuradha, Y Vijaylatae-BooksCBS
177.Foundations of Quantum Programming by Ying, Mingshenge-BooksElsevier
178.Foundry Technology by Kumar D / Jaine-BooksCBS
179.From Smart Grid to Internet of Energy by Kabalci, Ersane-BooksElsevier
180.FromMobilitytoAccessibility by Grengs,Joe, /Levine,e-Booksdegruyter
181.Fuel Cell Fundamentals by Ryan O'Hayre, Suk-Won Cha, Whitney Colella, Fritz B. Prinze-BooksWiley
182.Fundamental Laws of Mechanics by Irodov I.E.e-BooksCBS
183.Fundamentals of Database System by Elmasrie-BooksPearson
184.Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing, 4e by Bhattacharyya / Pale-BooksCBS
185.Fundamentals of Engineering Tribology with Applications by Harish Hiranie-BooksCambridge University Press
186.Fundamentals of Financial Management by Patel Bhavesh e-BooksS Chand
187.Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer by S.C. Bhatiae-BooksCBS
188.Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, Global Edition by Desslere-BooksPearson
189.Fundamentals of Internal Combustion Engines, 4e by Gille-BooksCBS
190.Fundamentals of Optimization Techniques with Algorithms by Sukanta Nayake-BooksElsevier
191.Fundamentals of Power System Protection, 2nd ed. by Paithankar and Bhidee-BooksPHI
192.Gas Dynamics for Engineers by Balachandrane-BooksPHI
193.GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering:MCQs with Detailed Solutions by Karna Satishe-BooksCBS
194.Geological Features and Mysteries of The Planet Earth by N.W. Gokhalee-BooksCBS
195.Geometry of Design by Kim, Nam-Hoe-BooksElsevier
196.Geomorphology and Hydrogeology: A Handbook by Rizvie-BooksCBS
197.Global Environment Movements by McCormic Johne-BooksCBS
198.Global Marketing Management, 8e by Keegane-BooksPearson
199.Global Mental Health and Psychotherapy by Stein, Daniel L.e-BooksElsevier
200.Global Sustainable Communities Handbook by Clark, Woodrowe-BooksElsevier
201.Guide to Research Techniques in Neuroscience, 3ed by Matt Cartere-BooksElsevier
202.Guided Cognition for Learning by Whitten, Williame-BooksElsevier
203.Handbook of artificial intelligence techniques in photovoltaic systems: Modelling, control, optimization, forecasting and fault diagnosis by Soteris Kalogiroue-BooksElsevier
204.Handbook of Chitin and Chitosan. Volume 1 Preparation and Properties by Thomas, Sabue-BooksElsevier
205.Handbook of Chitin and Chitosan. Volume 2 Composites and Nanocomposites from Chitin and Chitosan, Manufacturing and Characterisations by Thomas, Sabue-BooksElsevier
206.Handbook of Energy Economics and Policy: Fundamentals and Applications for Engineers and Energy Planners by Alessandro Rubinoe-BooksElsevier
207.Handbook of Energy Efficiency in Buildings by Desideri, Umbertoe-BooksElsevier
208.Handbook of Energy- and Environmental Security by Muhammad Asife-BooksElsevier
209.Handbook of Essential Oils, Vol.1 by Gunkele-BooksCBS
210.Handbook of Essential Oils, Vol.2 by Gunkele-BooksCBS
211.Handbook of Essential Oils, Vol.3 by Gunkele-BooksCBS
212.Handbook of Essential Oils, Vol.4 by Gunkele-BooksCBS
213.Handbook of Essential Oils, Vol.5 by Gunkele-BooksCBS
214.Handbook of Green Building Design and Construction by Kubba, Same-BooksElsevier
215.Handbook of Mental Health and Aging, 3ed by Hantke, Nathane-BooksElsevier
216.Handbook of Psychological Assessment by Goldstein, Geralde-BooksElsevier
217.Handbook of Student Engagement Interventions by Fredricks, Jennifere-BooksElsevier
218.HAZOP: Guide to Best Practice by Crawley, Franke-BooksElsevier
219.Heat Conduction by D.W. Hahn, M.N. Ozisike-BooksWiley
220.Heat Storage Systems for Buildings by Ibrahim Dincere-BooksElsevier
221.Heat Treatment of Metals by Zakharove-BooksCBS
222.Heat Treatment of Metals, Vol.1 by Smithe-BooksCBS
223.Heat Treatment of Metals, Vol.2 by Smithe-BooksCBS
224.Heat Treatment: Principles and Techniques, 2nd ed. by Rajan, et al.e-BooksPHI
225.Heterogeneous Catalysis: Essentials for Chemical Engineers by Shaikh, Abdullah A.e-Booksdegruyter
226.History of Architecture, 20e by D. Cruickshanke-BooksCBS
227.HomeSmartHome by Herwig,Olivere-Booksdegruyter
228.Hybrid Composites by Kumar, Kaushik / Babu, B. Sridhare-Booksdegruyter
229.Hydraulics and Pneumatics by Parr, Andrewe-BooksElsevier
230.Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: Emerging Technologies and Applications by Bent Sorensen and Giuseppe Spazzafumoe-BooksElsevier
231.HYDROGEN STORAGE by Zell, Thomase-Booksdegruyter
232.IES Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering: Objective Papers I and II with Detailed Answers 2e by Karna Satishe-BooksCBS
233.Illustrating C by Donald G. Alcocke-BooksCambridge University Press
234.Implementing the Circular Economy for Sustainable Development by Hans Wiesmethe-BooksElsevier
235.Individual Differences and Personality, 4ed by Michael Ashtone-BooksElsevier
236.Industrial Instrumentation, Safety and Management by Chakrabortye-BooksCBS
237.Inequality and Energy by Galvin, Raye-BooksElsevier
238.Innovation Dynamics and Policy in the Energy Sector: Building Global Energy Markets, Institutions, Public Policy, Technology and Culture on the Texan Innovation Example by Milton Hollowaye-BooksElsevier
239.Inorganic Chemistry: Principles of Structure and Reactivity by Huheey / Medhie-BooksPearson
240.Integrated Water Resources Management by MM Sarbhukane-BooksCBS
241.IntegrativeDesign by Michel,Ralfe-Booksdegruyter
242.Intelligence Science: Leading the Age of Intelligence by Zhongzhi Shie-BooksElsevier
243.Intentional Behaviorism by Foxall, Gordone-BooksElsevier
244.Internet of Things by Buyya, Rajkumare-BooksElsevier
245.Introduction to Chemical Equipment Design: Mechanical Aspects by Bhattacharyae-BooksCBS
246.Introduction to Finite Elements in Engineering by Chandrupatla;Belegundue-BooksPearson
247.Introduction to High Voltage Engineering, An, 2nd ed. by Raye-BooksPHI
248.Introduction to Probability Models by Ross, Sheldone-BooksElsevier
249.Introduction to Statistical Machine Learning by Sugiyama, Masashie-BooksElsevier
250.Introductory Methods of Numerical Analysis, 5th ed. by Sastrye-BooksPHI
251.Iron and Steel by William F. Hosforde-BooksCambridge University Press
252.KOBENHAVN. Urban, Architecture and Public Spaces by Herrmann, Eva / Hofmeister, Sandrae-Booksdegruyter
253.Laboratory Manual of Fluid Mechanics and Machines by V.P. Gupta, J Chandra, K.S. Guptae-BooksCBS
254.Landscape Detailing (In 2 Vols.) Vol. II : Surfaces by Littlewood M.e-BooksCBS
255.Language Learning Environments by Benson, Phile-Booksdegruyter
256.Laser in Manufacturing by J. Paulo Davime-BooksWiley
257.Learning from Bryant Park by Manshel, Andrew M.e-Booksdegruyter
258.LEED Practices, Certification, and Accreditation Handbook by Kubba, Same-BooksElsevier
259.Life-Cycle Cost Models for Green Buildings: With Optimal Green Star Credits by IM Chethana Illankoone-BooksElsevier
260.Limit State Design in Structural Steel, 3rd ed. by Shiyekare-BooksPHI
261.Logic Design by RS Allurkare-BooksCBS
262.Machine Learning by Gori, Marcoe-BooksElsevier
263.Maintenance, Repairs and Rehabilitation and Minor Works of Buildings by Varghesee-BooksPHI
264.Maleev and Hartman's Machine Design in SI Units by OP Grovere-BooksCBS
265.Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, Global Edition by Laudon, Jane P.; Laudon, Kenneth C.e-BooksPearson
266.Marketing Management by Kotler;Keller;Bradye-BooksPearson
267.Marketing Research, 7/e (Revised) by Malhotrae-BooksPearson
268.Marketing Research: An Applied Approach by Malhotra, Naresh K.; Nunan, Dan; Birks, David F.e-BooksPearson
269.Masonry Construction in Active Seismic Regions by Rajesh Rupakhetye-BooksElsevier
270.Mass Transfer: Theory and Applications by Narayanane-BooksCBS
271.MATLAB and its Applications in Engineering, 2ee-BooksPearson
272.MATLAB Essentials for Problem Solving by Khanna, Bhatt and Kumare-BooksPHI
273.Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis: Theory and Problems by Natarajan and Revathie-BooksPHI
274.Measurement and Instrumentation Principles by Alan S. Morrise-BooksElsevier
275.Measuring Sustainable Development Goals Performance by StenThoree-BooksElsevier
276.Mechanical Vibrations and Noise Engineering by Ambekar e-BooksPHI
277.Mechanical Vibrations in SI Units by Rao, Singiresu S.e-BooksPearson
278.Mechanical Vibrations-Theory and Applications by F. S. Tsee-BooksCBS
279.Mechanics by Mathur D S & Hemne P S e-BooksS Chand
280.Mechanics of Materials by James M. Gere, Stephen P. Timshenkoe-BooksCBS
281.Mechanics of Structure by Bhavikatti S S e-BooksS Chand
282.Mechatronics by Boltone-BooksPearson
283.Medicinal Chemistry, 2e by Razdane-BooksCBS
284.Membrane Separation Principles and Applications by Ahmad Ismaile-BooksElsevier
285.Metal Cutting Principles by Shaw M.C.e-BooksCBS
286.Metal Fabrication Technology by Mukherjeee-BooksPHI
287.Metal-Organic Frameworks for Chemical Reactions: From organic transformations to energy applications by Anish Khane-BooksElsevier
288.Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, 3e by A. Nagoor Kanie-BooksCBS
289.Microwave Principles by H.J. Reiche-BooksCBS
290.Mobile Cloud Computing by Wu, Huijune-BooksElsevier
291.Modal Analysis by Jimin He and Zhi-Fang Fue-BooksElsevier
292.Modern Control Engineering by Ogatae-BooksPearson
293.Modern Control Systems, Global Edition by Dorf, Richard C.; Bishop, Robert H.e-BooksPearson
294.Modern Control Theory by Varmae-BooksCBS
295.Modern Earth Buildings by Hall, Me-BooksElsevier
296.Modern Engineering Physics by Vasudeva A S e-BooksS Chand
297.Modern Utilization of Electric Power by P.K. Sadhu, Soumya Dase-BooksCBS
298.Moisture and Buildings: Durability Issues, Health Implications and Strategies to Mitigate the Risks by Arianna Brambillae-BooksElsevier
299.Multi-material 3D Printing Technology by Yang, Jiquane-BooksElsevier
300.Multivariate Data Analysis by Hair;Black;Babin;Andersone-BooksPearson
301.Nanotechnology Volume 1 by WM Brecke-BooksCBS
302.Nanotechnology Volume 2 by WM Brecke-BooksCBS
303.Natural Language Processing: A Paninian Perspective by Bharati, Chaitanya and Sangale-BooksPHI
304.Natural Products Chemistry Practical Manual: For Science & Pharmacy Courses by Siddiquie-BooksCBS
305.Nature Based Strategies for Urban and Building Sustainability by Pe-BooksElsevier
306.NERD - New Experimental Research in Design by Michel, Ralf, Jonas Wolfgang Christensen Michellee-Booksdegruyter
307.Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) by Attia, Shadye-BooksElsevier
308.Neural Networks and Learning Machines 3e by Haykine-BooksPearson
309.Nine Chains to the Moon by Buckminste r Fuller, Richarde-Booksdegruyter
310.Nonlinear Control, Global Edition by Khalile-BooksPearson
311.NonlinearUrbanism by Falkeis,Anton /Shesterikova,Anastasiae-Booksdegruyter
312.Numerical Techniques and Computer Programming for Engineering Problems by N. Krishna Rajue-BooksCBS
313.Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications by Booche-BooksPearson
314.Object-Oriented Programming in C++ by Laforee-BooksPearson
315.Operating Systems: A New Perspective by VK Chaitanyae-BooksCBS
316.Operations Management, 12/e by Jay Heizere-BooksPearson
317.Operations Research An Introduction, eBook, Global Edition by Taha, Hamdye-BooksPearson
318.Optimal Design and Retrofit of Energy Efficient Buildings, Communities, and Urban Centers by Krarti, Moncefe-BooksElsevier
319.Optimization for Engineering Design: Algorithms and Examples by Debe-BooksPHI
320.Organic Spectroscopy (N M R, I R, Mass and U V) by Dewan S.K.e-BooksCBS
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